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IMHO. Go Away You're Ugly

With very limited power comes a very limited sense of responsiblity. Finding out one can actually push any kind of event being tracked to Google Analytics...(Read more)

While You Were Out

"While you were out..." is a free plugin to easily post your pictures to the Tumblr blogging platform from iPhoto...(Read more)

IYou Prototype

iYou is a plugin concept developed for iTunes in collaboration with Niels Schrader and Bert Kommerij. The first demo was presented in 2010 for the Dutch...(Read more)


"By interconnecting an extensive range of positions on statelessness in an unanticipated way, the stateless plug-in generates an unpredicted non-linear...(Read more)

Cultural Activism

applescript/cocoa quark xpress plugin for niels schrader with Sine/Cosine font-size transformations based on user input....(Read more)